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Text for your health insurance

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I came across an offer from the company Rikai AG ( The company offers blood analysis and communicates the results digitally in a simple and understandable language. In addition, you get concrete tips on how to improve your own blood values. If this is repeated periodically, the results are historicized and one can observe the development of one’s own values. This way, negative tendencies can be detected at an early stage and, at best, diseases can be prevented.

I can access the results in my personal profile at any time. If something is wrong, I could discuss the lab results with my primary care physician (which is what Rikai recommends). However, if everything is in order, it will take care of itself, which will save costs.

I see Rikai’s blood tests as a useful health precaution and would be happy if you would contribute to it. Attached I send you the invoice of my last blood analysis.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of my request and your comments.

Kind regards