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Health prevention with Rikai

At Rikai, we are fans of preventive health care. Why? You can read about it here.

Why preventive health care?

Longer efficient and independent

If you take care of your health, you will stay productive and independent longer. Do something good for yourself today for tomorrow.

Diseases burden

Diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease are drastic and reduce your quality of life. You can take precautions by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Save health care costs

Staying healthy saves health care costs in the long run – both our own and our health care system’s.

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How prevention works with Rikai

More prevention – fewer diseases

Annual blood analysis is a way to prevent health problems. They can help detect negative trends in the blood count early – before diseases have even broken out. This applies in particular to the insidious diseases of civilization such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

What awaits you at Rikai

Personalized health tips

You’ll get personalized suggestions based on your blood values on how to improve your health – even if everything is currently in the green zone.

Explanation of each blood value

We want you to understand your health. That’s why we explain each blood value to you as precisely as possible.

Observe development

Regular blood analyses show how the values are developing.

If you have negative tendencies, you can act before unpleasant symptoms such as chronic fatigue or even illness develop.

Follow up from home

One of your blood values was outside the reference range? Check it again from the comfort of your home with our homesampling kits.

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Easily accessible and near you

Rikai works with various partner companies. The blood collection will be done by a partner located close to you, which you can choose before each appointment. So if you ever move, it’s not a problem. You book the dates conveniently via the Rikai platform. They usually take no longer than 10 minutes.

Venous blood collection for best quality

Rikai guarantees the best quality through venous blood collection, ensuring that the results are always very accurate.

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Start with your health prevention now

Discover our offers and take your health into your own hands now.