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Medical research

We want to contribute to medical research. Learn how you can help us and how your data will be secured in the process.

Blood Collection Panda

Information on the further use of health-related data for research purposes

In recent decades, medical research has made tremendous progress, significantly advancing the detection and treatment of diseases. In this context, people involved in research, such as female physicians or scientists, rely on health-related data.

Results from laboratory analyses and information about the blood group are also so-called health-related data. Below we explain how you can contribute to medical research and how your data will be protected in this case.

How can you contribute to medical research?

When you consent to the research release of your health-related information, you are contributing to medical research. Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time in your profile (see below). It applies to all data that Rikai has collected in the past or will collect in the future.

What all is included in your medical records?

Your health-related data includes both your medical questionnaire information and the results of your blood tests.

How is your health-related information protected?

Your data is encrypted multiple times at Rikai. Only a limited group of people has access to your data. For research purposes, these are passed on exclusively in anonymized form .

Anonymization of data means that all personal data is changed in such a way that it is no longer possible to draw any conclusions about a person. You can also find more information about data protection in our privacy policy.

Who could get your anonymized data?

Your anonymized data will only be used for projects approved by an ethics committee. Research projects can be made through different institutions. For example, these could be public and private institutions such as hospitals, universities or pharmaceutical companies that would receive your health data.

Your data can be used for national and international research projects. At least the legal data protection provisions of Switzerland always apply.

How do I revoke my consent to research release?

Your consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time in your profile. Click on Login in the upper right corner and log in. Then click again on the panda (or your profile picture) in the upper right corner and go to “Profile”. Uncheck the “Research release” checkbox there.