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Give away health

You want to do something good for your loved ones? Give the gift of a blood analysis and with it an investment in long-term health – the greatest gift.

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This is how it works

Send us your order through this form and we will send you a link where you can pay. After receipt of payment we will send you the voucher by mail or to your email address.

Choose the add-ons you want to give away in addition to the standard package. In winter, for example, vitamin D3 is very suitable.


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is the greatest gift.

Blood analysis for long-term health

Blood analysis is a form of preventive health care. Deficits can be detected before symptoms develop. This way you have the opportunity to act and not give diseases a chance.

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Health advice

You want to discuss your health comprehensively with an expert? We offer you consultations for a healthier lifestyle.



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Homesampling package

Follow up from home

One of your blood values was outside the reference range? Check it again from the comfort of your home with our homesampling kits.